Nicola Wilkin - Publications

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Selected Publications

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  • [DOI] Exact vortex nucleation and cooperative vortex tunneling in dilute Bose-Einstein condensates

    MI Parke, NK Wilkin, JMF Gunn, A Bourne

    Physical Review Letters 101, 110401 (2008)

  • [DOI] Quantum Phases of Vortices in Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates

    NR Cooper, NK Wilkin, JMF Gunn

    Physical Review Letters 87, 120405 (2001)

  • [DOI] Condensation of “Composite Bosons” in a Rotating BEC

    NK Wilkin, JMF Gunn

    Physical Review Letters 84, 6-9 (2000)

  • [DOI] Do Attractive Bosons Condense?

    NK Wilkin, JMF Gunn, RA Smith

    Physical Review Letters 80, 2265-2268 (1998)