Dr Nicola Wilkin


I work on the behaviour of ultracold gases (nano-Kelvin temperatures) and their response to rotation. We were the first to note the surprising analogue with the Fractional Quantum Hall effect. More details »


I teach the theoretical 1st year option in Chaos, and run a third and fourth year module in Computational Modelling of Physical Systems. In addition I am a first year tutor for theoretical physics students. More details »

Institute of Physics Responsibilities

I am a member of Council, the IOP governing body; a member of the Group Co-ordination Committee (advises Council on the workings of groups and divisions)Hon. Sec. of the Women in Physics Group and Vice-Chair of the Mathematical Physics Group

EPS College Responsibilities

I am the Equality and Diversity Lead and facilitate College Admissions Fora.

Nicola Wilkin

Lecturer in Theoretical Physics

Head of Second Year

+44 (0)121 414 4661
Room 406, Physics East