Professor Igor Lerner


My research interests are mainly in electronic properties of very small systems (nanostructures) at very low temperatures where the laws of quantum mechanics reign. The systems may be so small that normal statistical laws of large numbers are not applicable – the systems are not “self-averaging”. A quantum mechanical description in the absence of averaging, necessary for new nanostructures, is quite a challenging but rewarding task as we search for answers to fundamental questions which might be very important in emerging nanotechnology. Advanced mathematical techniques developed in this area turn out to be relevant for rather unexpected applications – I now apply them (in collaboration with engineers) for studying signal propagation through the Internet. More details »


My current teaching consists of two core theoretical courses: Quantum Mechanics 3 in year 3, and General Theory of Relativity and Phase Transitions in Year 4. Each of this courses requires a level of mathematical fluency highest for each particular year and each challenges even the brightest students. To help, I normally publish on the WEB very detailed solutions to all the problem sheets issued for my courses. Although theoretical and challenging, these courses are normally selected as optional by quite a few bright non-theory students. The thrill of reaching the very summit of classical theoretical physics is worth the challenge! More details »

Igor Lerner

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Head of Theoretical Physics Group

+44 (0)121 414 4574
Room 418, Physics East