Dr Oleksandr Tsyplyatyev


  • Quantum transport in metallic/semiconductor nanostructures:
    • GMR, thermal and spin phenomena in metals with embedded magnetic nanoclusters.
    • Applicability of the ergodicity hypothesis to universal conductance fluctuations.
    • Anisotropy of spin splitting and spin relaxation in lateral GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots.
  • Theory of correlated fermionic and spin systems:
    • Dynamics and finite temperature effects in the non-stationary BCS theory.
    • Quantum evolution of many-body light-matter systems with different types of inhomogeneities.
    • Decoherence and relaxation of the electron spin in a solid-state system due to the hyperfine interaction with nuclei.
Oleksandr Tsyplyatyev

Research Fellow

+44 (0)121 414 4695
Room 410, Physics East