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Welcome to the Theoretical Physics Research Group at the University of Birmingham.

2016 Nobel Prize to former group members

The 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics went to David Thouless, Mike Kosterlitz and Duncan Haldane. David and Mike did their seminal work together while in the Theoretical Physics group at the University of Birmingham where they were both on the staff. The group was then known as Mathematical Physics. There is a direct connection between their discoveries and some of the work going on in the group now - from rotating Bose condensates through to topological matter.

Theoretical Physics Research

The Theoretical Physics Research Group's research interests span a diverse spectrum of condensed matter, ultracold-atom, and nonlinear-optical systems on length scales from the microscopic through mesoscopic to the macroscopic. From the theory of quantum critical points and the physics of nanodevices to the phase transitions of vortices in a Bose-Einstein condensate the research has common threads of correlation, disorder and topology.

Theoretical Physics Courses

Members of the Theory Group are actively involved in teaching all aspects of the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the School of Physics at the University of Birmingham. In addition we have two specialist theory programs:

Students on these courses usually have a theorist as their tutor and become active members of the research group when, in their fourth year, they undertake a research project with us.

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